The Heritage of Padise

Padise Parish is situating in northwest Estonia. The area with its attractive history is aim of the book The Heritage of Padise. The ancient Fort Hill and medieval Cistercian Monastery in Padise, lot of Manor Houses, two old churches and even the higlhlights from 20th century´s architecture from the region has been clearly introduced written by professional historicans. Richly illustrated book is a good choice for visitors of the area or just for people who are interested in past times. Editor Heli Nurger, designer Rein Seppius, Photos Peeter Säre, Annika Haas and Urmas Veersalu, Articles written by Ain Mäesalu, Villu Kadakas, Ants Hein, Aivar Põldvee, Juhan Kilumets, Leele Välja, Silja Konsa, Mati Strauss and Helen Sooväli-Sepping.








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